LBP2500MBHD-L34CF – Carbon Fiber
LBP2500MBHD-L34R – Red

Pure HD™ 2500 MB

2500 Lumens LED HI-Definition Rechargeable Headlamp

The World’s First High Definition Multi-Beam LED Headlamp. Built for Pros Because Details Matter!

The Liteband® PureHD™ 2500 Multi-Beam is perfect for professional tradespeople. The exceptional crisp white illumination and color clarity lets them see clearly and accurately, because for pros, details matter. Virtually indestructible new COB LED lights will stand up to the harshest jobsites.

90 CRI: Gives closest to pure natural recognition
(typical LED Headlamps are 70-80 CRI, giving a yellow hazing view)
5000 Kelvin Rating: Equals a neutral brilliant white and more crisp illumination
COB LEDs: More ecient for better run-times. More durable – highly resistant to
impact and vibration
Wide-Beam: 1400 Lumen for ultimate full illumination
Focused Beam: 1100 Lumen Cree spot beam delivers 250 meters of beam
6 Modes with Exclusive “Start Select”: Maximum versatility of lighting needs
and runtime
• 3400 mAh Rechargeable USB-C Battery
Up to 22 Hours of Run Time (low setting)
Fully Adjustable: Fits on head, hat or helmet (helmet clips included)


2 Year Warranty

PureHD. Because Details Matter

The PureHD 2500 has a 90 CRI score and a 5000 Kelvin rating, meaning it delivers a purely brilliant, crisp and natural light. It also features virtually indestructible COB LED lights, a no-bounce dialed-in design, weatherproof IPX 5 rating, extended life baery and 4 hard hat clips. It’s perfect for electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and detailers. The 210º wide beam arc and Cree spot bulb lights up the biggest and smallest tasks.

Adjustable Strap
Made to move comfort. The soft, flexible headband style won’t rub, bounce or irritate. Fits over hardhats and helmets.

Rechargeable Battery

Compact 3400 mAh rechargeable battery provides hours of dependable light.

Fast-Charging USB-C
USB-C charging port allows for a quick charge.

6 Lighting Modes
WIDE-BEAM HIGH, WIDE-BEAM LOW, FOCUSED BEAM, MULTI-BEAM, RED, PULSE. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

More efficient for better run-times and more durable (highly resistant to impact and vibration).

Start Select
Eliminates toggling by letting you pick the lighting mode that the Liteband starts on the next time it’s used.

Focused Beam
1100 Lumens deliver up to 250 meters of long distance light. 15º tilt for optimal up close and distance lighting. Use Multi-Beam mode to add 1400 Lumens of Wide-Beam and get maximum illumination.

Hi-Definition Task Lighting: 90 CRI + 5000 Kelvin Exceptionally crisp white illumination and color clarity.

Wide Beam
Powered by COB LEDs that deliver 1400 Lumens in the high setting. Use Multi-Beam mode to add 1100 Lumens of Focused Beam and get maximum illumination.


Our exclusive combination of a 90 CRI and a 5000 Kelvin Rating delivers an incredibly crisp, clean + pure light.

CRI Score

90 Color Rendering Index Score
= Highly Accurate and Natural Light

Lower Color Rendering Index Score
= Medium Accuracy and Tinged Light

KELVIN Color Ratings

Lower Kelvin Color Rating
= Yellower Light

5000 Kelvin Color Rating
= Whiter and Crisper Illumination

Higher Kelvin Color Rating
= Bluer Light

6 Lighting Modes

One-touch simple operation. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

with Start Select

Start your new session right where you left off. No more toggling to get to your preferred lighting method, the new Multi-beam remembers the last mode it was in for the next time you turn it on.


Wide Beam +
Focused Beam


Comfortable to wear and less bulky than traditional headlamps. The balanced, lightweight, adjustable design creates a “No Bounce” experience.

Workshop Tilt

15° Optimal Tilt

Play Longer

Enjoy hours of light time with the fast charging 3400mAh rechargeable battery.

Ready for Work

The soft and durable band is adjustable so you can customize the size for the perfect fit;
Easily adjusts to hard hats and helmets. Comes with clips to safely keep the Liteband PureHD™ 2500 on your hard hat.


Durable &

IPX 5 Rating and Class 1 Safety Rating.



PureHD™ 2500 MULTI-BEAM Headlamp

4 Hard Hat Clip

USB Cord

USB-C Charging Cable