SKU: LXBP-3400

3400 mAh

X-TEND Back-up Rechargeable Battery Pack

Liteband® Rechargeable X-TEND 3400 mAh, USB-C Lithium-ion battery pack is equipped with a charge indicator and USB-C port battery cover. With a waterproof rating of IPX 5, this is the perfect battery for work and play. The X-TEND back-up rechargeable battery pack works with any Liteband ACTIV or PRO Series headlamp.


3-3.5 hours
USB-C Fast Charging

Rechargeable extended back up battery for LITEBAND ACTIV and PRO Series. Powered by 3350 mAh Lithium-ion battery so you are never without power on your LITEBAND.

Lightweight Lithium-ion battery keeps your LITEBAND going all day. Typical charging times are 3 -3.5 hours for full charge.

USB-C compatible for LITEBAND ACTIV and PRO series only.

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