LITEBAND™ is a registered trademark of Optimal Ventures LLC- a startup based in Arlington Heights IL. LITEBAND™ was born from the simple idea that the current headlamps on the market were bulky, uncomfortable and didn’t provide an effective lighting solution. Further research uncovered that the category was simply stale and lacked any real relevant innovation. So, the folks at Optimal Design, an award-winning engineering and product innovation company, got to work create a truly unique and effective handsfree lighting solution. The result was LITEBAND™! The world’s first line up of 210° wide beam LED headlamps. Our unique balanced design and wide beam illumination provides the most comfortable and effective headlamp on the market. Our full line of headlamps offers the right combination of features and price to satisfy any user from the dog walker to the professional. The LITEBAND™ has been such a hit, stay tuned for more innovative lighting solutions from Optimal Ventures.

The LITEBAND™ products are designed in Arlington Heights IL and manufactured to our meticulous standards in China.