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How long does the battery last on my LITEBAND™?2021-10-06T14:08:03-06:00

Run times will vary by lumens, battery type, and mode. Typical run times in our high setting range from 6-8 hours for lithium-ion powered models and 4-6 hours for AAA Battery power models.

How long does it take to charge the battery?2021-03-08T01:00:37-06:00

It take 2.5-3 hours for our 1800 mAh battery and 3-4 hours for our 3400 mAh Xtend battery pack.

Will my LITEBAND™ work without connecting the battery to the LED strip?2021-03-08T00:57:14-06:00

The ACTIV and PRO series both require you to connect your battery to the LED strip for your LITEBAND to operate. The FLEX series is hard wired do install.

Do I have to charge my battery before using my LITEBAND™?2021-03-08T01:00:28-06:00

While some batteries may have a partial charge from the factory, we recommend that you charge your battery until the blinking red light becomes solid red.

How do I know my battery is charging?2021-03-08T00:55:26-06:00

When you plug your USB-C charging cable into the battery pack a red light will start to blink. It will go solid red when fully charged.

Does the LITEBAND™ remember the mode you last used when you turn it off?2021-03-08T01:00:11-06:00

The ACTIV and PRO Series models will cycle through each mode as you touch the switch. If you remain in any mode for longer than 5 seconds, the next mode is power off. It will then revert to the original sequence or High, Med, Low, Red, Pulse.

Where is the LITEBAND™ manufactured?2021-03-08T00:53:48-06:00

Your LITEBAND™ was designed in Arlington Heights, IL and manufactured to our exacting standards in China.

Can I use any USB-C cable to charge my LITEBAND™?2021-03-08T01:00:03-06:00

Most universal USB-C cables will work with the exception of Apple and Samsung. We recommend you use the included USB-C charging cable for best results

Do you offer back batteries for sale?2021-03-08T00:59:52-06:00

Yes you can purchase any of our slim AAA pack, 1800 mAh.

My LITEBAND™ can get a little warm to the forehead when wearing for prolong periods of time. Do I have a defective unit?2021-03-08T00:50:44-06:00

Depending the on the setting you have chosen, the lumens and the length of time you wear your LITEBAND™, it is normal and safe to feel the warmth of the LEDs.

Why would I use the red setting?2021-03-08T00:59:43-06:00

Red lighting Is great for a couple of reasons. First, it is a great safety indicator for others to notice you while running, walking or working. Second, it is adored by campers to not have lighting around a campsite without blinding the other campers.

What is your warranty and return policy?2024-06-26T05:23:21-06:00

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your LITEBAND™ purchase along with a 1 year limited warranty manufacturer’s defects. See Returns & Warranties

When will my order ship after I place my order?2021-08-03T15:36:28-06:00

We process and ship orders as soon as possible, but this will not always be the same day your order was placed. Most orders placed before 5:00 PM CST Monday through Friday will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 5:00 PM CST, over the weekend, or on a US Holiday will be processed and shipped the following business day. International and Truck Freight orders require additional communication and processing time.

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