LBA900MB-L18N – Night


900 Lumens (520 Lumens 210° wide-beam PLUS 380 Lumens focused beam) LED Rechargeable Headlamp

Liteband® ACTIV 900 MULTI-BEAM LED headlamp features the first 210º wide beam, low-profile headband style headlamp paired with a focused beam option. Select from 6 lighting modes, including wide-beam, focused beam, multi-beam illumination. Exclusive Start Select feature allows you to set the beam mode the light always starts from – wide-beam, focused beam, multi-beam, red or pulse. Focused beam has a 15º tilt for optimal illumination. The headlamp delivers 520 lumens of wide beam and 380 lumens focused beam (up to 250 ft. beam distance), with a 1800 mAh lithium-ion USB-C rechargeable battery, and 32 hours of light of low setting. With a weather proof rating of IPX 4, the Activ 900 Multi-Beam is perfect for camping, hiking, running, fishing and other outdoor activities. Professionals will appreciate the adjustable fit for hat and included clips for helmets.


Color: Carbon

Ideal for bikers, hikers, campers, mechanics, plumbers, and everyone in between, the Liteband® series of LED headlamps helps you see everything around you without weighing you down.

The Activ 900 multi-beam is a lightweight, flexible, and durable headlamp equipped with 20 powerful LEDs that offer 210 degree wide angle illumination and focused-beam LEDs that project a beam for up to 250 ft. The Liteband also features a no-bounce design and adjustable fit so you can comfortably wear it all day long.

Adjustable Strap
Made to move comfort. The soft, flexible headband style won’t rub, bounce or irritate. Fits over hardhats and helmets.

Rechargeable Battery

Compact 1800 mAh rechargeable battery provides hours of dependable light.

USB-C Port
The Liteband can be powered by any USB-C power source.

6 Lighting Modes
WIDE-BEAM HIGH, WIDE-BEAM LOW, FOCUSED BEAM, MULTI-BEAM, RED, PULSE. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

Wide Beam
Powered by 20 LEDs that deliver 520 Lumens in the high setting. Use Multi-Beam mode to add 380 Lumens of Focused Beam and get maximum illumination.

Start Select
Eliminates toggling by letting you pick the lighting mode that the Liteband starts on the next time it’s used.

Focused Beam
380 Lumens deliver up to 250 feet of long distance light. 15º tilt for optimal up close and distance lighting. Use Multi-Beam mode to add 520 Lumens of Wide-Beam and get maximum illumination.

Wide + Focused Beam



Comfortable to wear and less bulky than traditional headlamps. The balanced, lightweight, adjustable design creates a “No Bounce” experience.

6 Lighting Modes

One-touch simple operation. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

with Start Select

Start your new session right where you left off. No more toggling to get to your preferred lighting method, the new Multi-beam remembers the last mode it was in for the next time you turn it on.

Workshop Tilt

15° Optimal Tilt

Play Longer

Enjoy hours of light time with the fast charging
1800 mAh rechargeable battery.

Ready for Work

The soft and durable band is adjustable so you can customize the size for the perfect fit; Easily adjusts to hard hats and helmets.


Durable &

Able to resist impact, water and dust for all of your outdoor activities and work environments.


headlamp included


Travel Pouch

Travel Pouch

USB Cord

USB-C Charging Cable

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