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LBP1000-L34HV – Hi-Vis Yellow
LBP1000-L34CF – Carbon Fiber

PRO 1000

1000 Lumens Wide-Beam LED PRO Rechargeable Headlamp

Liteband® PRO 1000 adjustable LED headlamp features the first 210° wide beam, low-profile headband style headlamp. The unique low-profile headband style with adjustable strap provides long lasting all day comfort. PRO Series headlamps are equipped with 35 powerful LEDs that deliver 1000 lumens of ultra bright light powered by the 3400 mAh X-TEND lithium ion USB-C rechargeable battery. It delivers up to 28 hours of light on low setting and features 5 light modes: high, medium low, red & pulse for maximum versatility. With a weatherproof rating of  IPX 5, the highly durable PRO 1000 is perfect for professional tradesmen but is also great for camping, hiking, running, fishing and other outdoor activities. Professionals will enjoy the lightweight adjustable fit for hard hats & helmets and includes 4 hard hat clips. Available in high visibility yellow and carbon fiber**.


2 Year Warranty
210 degrees area illumination
USB-C Fast Charging
5 lighting modes
IPX5 Weatherproof

If you are looking for Pro quality LED Headlamps, few are as feature-rich as the Liteband Pro Series. Perfect for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, hikers and campers, the 210º wide beam arc puts a light on the biggest and smallest tasks at hand.

The Pro Series no-bounce dialed-in design features 35 LEDS, Hi Vis color options, CLASS 1 safety certification, extended life battery, greater durability and includes hardhat clips.

Adjustable Strap
Made to move comfort. The soft, flexible headband style won’t rub, bounce or irritate. Fits over hardhats and helmets.

Rechargeable Battery

Compact 3400 mAh rechargeable battery provides hours of dependable light.

Fast-Charging USB-C
USB-C charging port allows for a quick charge.

5 Lighting Modes
HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, RED & SAFETY. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

1000 Lumens LED Light
Powered by 35 LEDs that deliver 1000 Lumens in the high setting for maximum illumination.

Widest Area
of Illumination


Comfortable to wear and less bulky than traditional headlamps. The balanced, lightweight, adjustable design creates a “No Bounce” experience.

5 Lighting

One-touch simple operation. Quickly and easily cycle through power modes with the touch of a button.

high mode

Play Longer

Enjoy hours of light time with the fast charging 3400mAh rechargeable battery.

Ready for

The soft and durable band is adjustable so you can customize the size for the perfect fit;
Easily adjusts to hard hats and helmets. Comes with clips to safely keep the Liteband PRO 1000 on your hard hat.


Durable &

IPX 5 Rating and Class 1 Safety Rating.



PRO 1000 Headlamp

4 Hard Hat Clip

USB Cord

USB-C Charging Cable

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Customers Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for PRO 1000

  1. randallcoe (verified owner)

    Just got my Liteband PRO 1000 and wow! I bought the Active 520 4 months ago and love it but the pro is so much brighter! I have giving the 520 to my son and rocking the new pro liteband. The carbon fiber looks cool and it so bright and last a long time with the bigger battery. Absolutely love my liteband!

  2. James Laubach (verified owner)

    My main hobby and passion is costume design/crafting, but I unfortunately don’t have a dedicated workspace, so having good, hands-free work light can be a struggle sometimes. I decided to give Liteband a try since compared to some other competitors in the LED headband space, I liked the total package they offered, in terms of features, the most (mainly USB-C compatible charging). So, I’ve been using my Liteband PRO 1000 for about a month now and I absolutely love it. It gives me all of the light I could ever need, especially when working on the finer details of projects, while at the same time giving me the flexibility to literally work in any setting.

  3. Denise A Robertson (verified owner)

    I live in a remote canyon near Joshua Tree National Park, and although I so love the dark night skies here, it can be challenging with the frequent power outages – having to navigate in the dark with nothing but a skinny little beam from a normal headlamp.. The pro 1000 rocked my world – hands down the best device in my arsenal of outdoor equipment – I cannot wait to take it on my next camping trip! I also spend extensive time in Africa, most times camping solo in the bush – and specifically wanted the red light feature so as not to disturb wildlife I am observing. Everything about the LiteBand is done to perfection, and it’s myriad of uses would fit anyone, in any field, and in any situation. Their customer service is also superb – from the initial ordering process to getting lightening fast responses to questions, these folks really care – very refreshing in this age of remote communications. Suffice it to say, I am a huge fan! Thank you LiteBand!

  4. peter.fontaine05 (verified owner)

    I use this headlamp all the time! I work for AAA, 2nd shift and everyday I use this headlamp. it works , its rugged and I have zero complaints. The battery life is incredible. I needed to work on my truck and the lighting in the garage was poor. I forgot to fully charge my headlamp for the long hours I was about to spend on my truck. I used the headlamp on full power for a solid 5 hours before it dimmed down. I keep this headlamp in my truck at all times just in case I need it. I will be buying another one. Lightbar Pro is garbage, delicate and they don’t care after their cheap crap breaks. One80 Light products are just another cheap crappy company.

  5. Edward Bailey (verified owner)

    As a senior citizen I still enjoy my hobbies and doing projects around the house. The only problem is my eye sight is not as good as it use to be and holding a light doesn’t do the job. The LiteBand is like a miracle for my vision. I can now see whatever I’m working on no matter how dim the lighting is and both my hands are free to work. This has become the most valuable tool in my work shop. It’s comfortable to wear and the battery lasts for hours. My highest recommendation and by the way customer support is excellent.

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