Brighten up your WORK

Up to 1000 lumens with the PRO Series to illuminate any dark or hard to see work space. Fits over hardhats.
Easily adjusts to hardhats and helmets.

LBA400-L12O Right Side Perspective

Illuminate your PLAY

Soft, flexible headband style won’t rub, bounce or irritate. Whether you’re jogging, cycling, camping or doing any recreational activity.

LBA350 AC Right Side Bottom Perspective

DIY all night and day

210 degree illumination means you won’t miss a thing working around the house or yard.

LITEBAND Lineup of products

LITEBAND Lineup of products

What people are saying


You’ve done it again

I had previously bought the OV LED 802100 Broadbeam LED Headlamp by Optimal Ventures and thought “it can’t get any better than this.” I was wrong. I bought the Liteband ACTIV 400 to have another headlamp in the house and I was impressed. I liked the fact that the it is rechargeable! Yes! It also “lights up everything up” at night. This is perfect for night time runners, spelunkers, or people who work in small, compact spaces with little light. Or the average Joe, like myself, who does period home improvements in which I need to have my hands free while working in lowlight areas.

Dr. JW


A great item to have in the house

I really like the liteband ACTIV 400 model. Just received it today and I love it. It is very powerful and bright… fits perfectly around your head. It is perfect for the times when you need to use both hands and you don’t have another person to hold a flash light. I could have use it last night when I was installing a ceiling light and I didn’t have any power in the room. In fact I used it tonight when I was walking my dog. This is a great item to have in the house. I am very happy with this purchase. I recommend this product. Thanks

Bonnie F.

Dog Walker

Lightweight, BRIGHT light, multi-use

I’ve had a the Liteband Activ 400 for a few days now. I’m very happy with it. The Activ 400 comes with rechargeable batteries, a wide beam lamp that has 5 settings (BRIGHT, medium, low, flashing, red). Pretty straightforward to use. Adjust so the band is comfortable around your head and you have light when you need it.


House projects, biking, running

I love my new Liteband!

This is a product that everyone should always have in their house. First of all, you never have to use a flashlight again. The Liteband is so powerful – you put it on your head and can see everything all around you. We had a power outage about a month ago, and after searching high and low for flashlights with batteries in them (to no avail) I decided to buy one of these on Amazon. We tested it out, and it is perfect — even if the lights go out you can see all around you. This is perfect for walking in the woods when you are camping, for walking the dog at night…there are a million uses. Adjustable and very comfortable as well. Very happy with this purchase.

Susan L.


Impressive Illumination and Design

I bought this because I thought it looked interesting for a headlamp – I got it sight unseen with nothing but specifications listed, no reviews were listed at the time. I was not expecting to actually go through a significant effort of reviewing a product of this type. However, I have changed my expectations now that I’ve had a few weeks to use it. I’m reviewing this product because I’m truly impressed with the design.

G. Raj


Liteband ACTIV Headlamp Works Great at Night Outdoors

The Liteband Activ 400 is lightweight, comfortable, and works great outdoors. I really like that it includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery–no fussing with AA/AAA batteries needed. Once adjusted the headband remained set for my head.

Bob G.


Impressive, light with very clever design

I saw the Liteband and wanted to try it out for a camping trip. Loved the wide view range that you get and going to buy a few for my camping buddies as Christmas presents.

Kimberly M.


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